Welcome to Grundströms Snowmobile rental!


We are located in the Swedish mountains, some 60 km south of the Arctic circle - please see map below.
We give service to outdoor life people who want to experience the mountains the easy, comfortable way: by snowmobile!
With snowmobiles equipped with electric start, reverse, two-person seating, heated handlebars, cargo rack, long track and more, exploring the mountains is no longer something for the well trained only. Families with young children as well as elders are no longer limited to be near roads, since a snowmobile pulling a sled makes it possible to transport up to 4 or 5 persons with only one snowmobile, depending on the persons size and weight.
Our pricing starts at 745 SEK per day (fuel not included), with 30 km driving included. For exceeding distances the charge is 4,50 SEK per km. The price per day is reduced when renting several days in a row. We also have warm clothing for rent, and we can assist if you require something else. Please contact us for more detailed information.

In our surroundings you will find nature of many different types, with lakes and rivers embellishing forests as well as barren mountains, giving opportunity to many kind of winteractivities. Please take a look in our little photo archive for a few examples of views.

More information about snowmobiling in the Swedish mountains you will find at the homepage of the Swedish Mountain Safety Council, and also general information about weather, maps, equipment and much more (in English).

For further information or reservation, welcome
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